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78 | 83 | 88 | 93 | 103*

The all-new HYPER; is a pure quad-fin power wave weapon. Developed with Antoine Martin, winner of the last Aloha Classic World cup on Maui and renowned for his progressive riding style

Versatility is great, but some days it matters less, and you want to live on the edge. You need that little bit extra. Less compromise, more extreme. Time to go Hyper. The new Hyper is radical, with pure performance sizes ranging from 78 to 93 litres. Built on a narrow outline and tail platform, we advise using one size bigger than you are used to; sharp and thin rails towards the rear combine with a pronounced concave tail to perfectly match the powerful quad-fin setup, resulting in lightning-fast reactions and great adaptability to fast and powerful breaking waves whilst ensuring infinite drive, confident grip and control in the high-speed bottom turn. 


Featuring an innovative double-in-mono concave midsection and an aggressive rocker line, the Hyper looks for more sail pressure to get going but keeps you connected to turn on a dime while remaining secure on critical moves.

Suitable for side-onshore conditions with smaller waves if you are an advanced sailor and like to surf powered up.

Ideally, the Hyper is tailored to anyone looking for the most secure and radical rides in steep, powerful waves in side-to-side offshore wind.

*New Shape

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