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Starboard Foil Ocean Surf 2000 DT+TP with Quick Lock

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Starboard Foil Ocean Surf 2000 DT+TP with Quick Lock
1 299,00 €

Ocean Surf 2000

Front Wing Span: 90cm | 35.5"

Front Wing Area: 2000cm2 | 310 sq in 

Tail Wing Span: 42cm | 16.5" 

Tail Wing Area: 270cm2 | 42 sq in

Total Mast Length: 72cm | 28"

Fuselage length: 67cm | 26.3"

What's in the Box?

Front Wing: Ocean Surf  2000 or 2400

Tail Wing: Wave 270 

Mast: V6 Aluminium 65cm + 67mm Top Plate (total length 72cm/28”)  

Fuselage: Quick Lock 36 tail piece + Quick Lock 36 Front piece

Other: Torx bolt set + Torx Key + M6 Lightweight Top Plate Mounting Bolts



About this product

The Efficient Foil - for riding open-ocean swells, to take-off early and fly with speed and efficiency. Thin wing tips allow the foil to handle surface breach smoothly.

This SKU has the 2000cm2 front wing with both Top Plate and Deep Tuttle fittings included. Important: the effective mast length is 72cm when the Top Plate adapter is fitted.


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