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75 | 79 | 85 | 89

X-15: 4 new Carbon Reflex Foil Slalom shapes to cover 6 knots to stormy conditions:

The 75, 79, 85 & 89 all feature extreme focus on aerodynamic improvement and specific optimisation for high-speed use with tiny low, drag foil wings. Refined nose rockers are much lower to reduce aero lift and drag at high speed, whilst a significant increase in forward vee avoids catapults during touchdown. Further aerodynamic features include a aero convex deck and a smooth exit at the tail to reduce high-speed drag as much as possible. The X-15 feels exceptionally slippery in the wind and accelerates relentlessly.

The Starboard original waterdrop cut-away accelerates the water along the tuck line and gets you to take off speed with minimal sail pressure. With the significantly reduced tail volume and a progressive tail kick, you don’t have to push hard on the tail to activate the foil and get up and fly. This concept is even more special, as it allows you to keep your comfortable, almost parallel stance far outboard with more leverage on the foil. 2024 models gain even more stability through optimised aerodynamic airflow, with less aero drag than the 2023 model. Taking it further, we evolved lighter-weight Carbon Reflex technology without compromising strength..


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