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With verified improvements in both wave riding and early planing, Remi Vila’s ULTRA concept invites you to turn more over the front foot, while maintaining speed and enjoying unrestricted freedom throughout bottom and top turns.

Delivering ULTRA snappy off-the-top manoeuvres and smooth bottom turns, the innovative ULTRA concept thrives in real world wave conditions. Fast acceleration gets you quickly into the line-up, keeps you moving in critical sections and allows extra jumps on the way out. The ULTRA features centred volume and thinner rail, improving turns and control. The innovative recessed deck is a design feature Starboard introduced in 1994. Now proven truly functional for waves, it lowers the centre of drive from the rig, delivering a lower pressure point onto the rails, creating a better and more capable handling board. It’s a remarkable feeling in the turns when the rails bite into the water at the slightest input, yet never get too loaded, even when leaning in with all of your weight. A smooth, controlled feel of staying connected to the water, even through the chop on the wave, gives you confidence to ride faster and closer to the lip. For progressing wave sailors, the lower mast foot position helps balance their weight more forward, maintaining momentum easier and getting to the lip with more speed. Make more waves count. The extra volume in the centre keeps you floating in light wind, and thanks to the easy-to-engage rail, you can ride a larger size board without compromising on tight and radical turns. Plane easier in lighter winds, as the thickness of the board gives plenty of flotation and low resistance as the board pushes through the water. Board speed and controlled volume provide extra pop; thinner rails and less volume in the tail improve turning with the waves and also let you carve better into a wave when setting up for a jump. Landing jumps is friendlier on your ankles, because you land on less board volume.


*New Shape

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